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The First step is to signup for an account. You wont need a credit card or any payment information or be asked to make any commitments.

Choose A Design

During the signup process, you'll be asked to choose a design. Our designs are very basic, but also very configurable. They are meant to serve as a foundation for your site...not your final design. They are similar to blueprints for a house. We can modify as we build (and even after!).

Create your site

There are usually two routes people take to get a website started:

  1. Allow Us To Do It For You: We'll be happy to setup your whole site for you, including tweaking and modifying your design to make it look custom and to match your banding. This process is started by you contacting us to let us know that we'll be settting up your site for you. We usually like to spend 15-20 minutes on the phone to discuss your goals, company, industry, preferences, pages, and content. We may ask you to send us some photos, logos, or any other marketing materials you have (brochure , business card, etc). Once we receive this information, we can usually begin setting up your site in 3-5 business days. Currently we are not charging extra for this design service, but eventually we will.
  2. Do it yourself: (of course, we're around for help or questions). You have the ability to create the whole site yourself. If you already know what you want to say on your pages (or have it typed up somewhere) and if you don't need to change the base design very much, then you could have a site up in under 30 minutes! If you enjoy computers, design, and creating new things, this option may be perfect for you. Initially, you'll only be able to view your site when logged in to our system. The url in the browser will still say Once you're ready to go live, you can give us a call to setup payment. We'll also need to setup your domain on our server and you'll need to tell your domain our server address (we'll help with this).

Modify Site

Once your site is complete and launched, you can modify it anytime. When you're logged in, you can even point and click on the page you want to change and modify it. You can also create unlimited pages, setup email, amd more.

Free To Try!



Free To Try!